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Low blood pressure

Mrs. Vandana aged about 40 years was suffering from Hypotension – low blood pressure. Her blood pressure used to remain in the range of 100/60, 96/58, etc. She was prescribed various kinds of medication but nothing helped her. She always used to feel weak, giddy, tired and sometimes breathless on slightest of exertion.

She was put on the Herbal treatment. Initially, for 2-3 months she did not feel any good and thought of giving up the treatment, saying “it is useless like the ones I tried earlier”. But on counselling and motivation by the medical consultant she decided to continue for some more time. After about 6 months she started feeling better – energetic and happier. In about 10 months she was fully cured, with blood pressure readings being about 120/78, 116/80, etc.

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The mentioned case studies are not of patients treated with Anjikasar and Vatisar but with similar Natural Health Food Supplements that are incorporated in the products of  Ayurda. There are thousands of successful results obtained during the last couple of years. Some of them are being reproduced here. Names of the patients have been deliberately changed to maintain their privacy as well as to respect the sanctity of  doctor-patient personal relationship.