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Ailment Reflections

An Ailment Reflection is a positive reaction of the body to its own health problem or disease. It is part of the healing process that happens when a person starts consuming some Natural Food supplements. These are also known as “Opposition effects” or “Recovery symptoms”. In some naturopathy literatures it is also referred to as “Healing crisis”. These reflections appear when the body is discharging the toxins accumulated within the body cells. They are temporary symptoms and their average lasting period is about 1-3 weeks.

Some examples of  ailment reflections are :

Reddish eye(either one or both eyes), blurry eyesight, waste disposal of eyes, running nose, sneezing, coughs, dry throat, sore throat, tongue, mouth tissue or gum with ulcers, bad breath, blocked ear, foul sweat, rashes and boils, itchy skin with rashes,  numbness of the hands or feet, painful soles, painful heels,  pain/dizziness at the front or rear of head, vomit, frequent, chalky or oily urination, diarrhoea or constipation, etc.

The ailment reflections are in relation to the affected organ or the disease in the body.

The “recovery symptoms” is the normal response in medical treatments as stated in the old Chinese medicine text, “Sheung Shu”. Persons suffering from problems of the liver, kidney, stomach, intestine or pancreas, bronchitis, measles, constipation, rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, headaches and other allergies will respond very easily with the above-mentioned, “recovery symptoms”. Such reactions are only temporary, lasting only a few days until the body adjusts to the overall improved activity from consuming the medicinal mushrooms. Daily consumption of large amounts of water is recommended.

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