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Ulcerative colitis

Miss Anuradha, aged about 26 years was suffering from Ulcerative colitis, a disease in which the terminal part of the large intestine gets ulcerated for which there is no known cure except ultimate resection(cutting away) of the affected portion. The patient suffers from frequent loose motions, sometimes mixed with blood. It is temporarily controlled with the usage of steroids which have their own side effects, in the long run.

She had been suffering since about 10 years. She had become very thin and frail.

She was put on the Herbal treatment. Initially there was an increase in the frequency of the motions and also in the blood discharge. After about 5-6 months the problem started getting controlled and in about 11 months it was completely controlled. The patient gave up all medicines and is living a healthy life.

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The mentioned case studies are not of patients treated with Anjikasar and Vatisar but with similar Natural Health Food Supplements that are incorporated in the products of  Ayurda. There are thousands of successful results obtained during the last couple of years. Some of them are being reproduced here. Names of the patients have been deliberately changed to maintain their privacy as well as to respect the sanctity of  doctor-patient personal relationship.